Property investment is all about can't.

You can't invest in property without buying a whole house. You can't buy a house without paying huge fees and tax. You can't invest the money you are saving for a deposit in a way that tracks house prices. If you already own a home, you can't protect yourself from a fall in the value of your equity.

Homedex is all about can.

We generate simple, transparent indices of house prices using real-world data. You can then invest any amount of your money so that you get a return if prices rise. You can also invest your money so that you get a return if prices fall. By diversifying your investment in an index (as opposed to a single property) we allow you to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.

What is Homedex?

  • Simple

    Invest against a simple index, and see whether the value of your investment has risen without any valuations or fees.

  • Diversified risk

    Investing against an index spreads and mitigates the risk of buying a single property.

  • Control

    Invest as much or as little as you're comfortable with, and keep track of your performance along the way.

Is it for me?

Whether you're already a homeowner, or you'd like to buy a home,
Homedex can help you to achieve your investment goals.

  • 1.3m UK homes sold annually
  • £211,230 average UK house price
  • 8.1% average annual house price change

I want to buy a house but can't afford to yet

Homedex is ideal if you want to invest in a rising property market, but don't want the hassle of buying a house, or can't afford to put down a large deposit.

We provide a low-cost way of accessing the property market without having to be a wealthy buy-to-let landlord or relying on the bank of mum & dad. What's more, you can benefit from gains in property prices without having to pick a single property, so your risk is spread.

I already own a home

Owning a home in a falling property market is a scary business, especially if you are at risk of negative equity — where the total borrowing secured against your home is greater than the amount you could get by selling it.

Homedex allows you to take positions against our house price indices, so you could benefit if there is a fall in house prices. Pretty useful if you think the value of your home may fall.

How it works

Meet Emma. She's just like you.

Emma is saving to buy a flat, hopefully in London Zone 2. So far, she has saved £10,000 towards a deposit.

Using Homedex, Emma can invest £1,000 in an index that tracks the value of 1-2 bed flats in Zone 2. We'll match Emma with another investor who takes the opposite position.

Now, her investment will now rise (or fall) in line with the value of exactly what she wants to buy. No more 2% cash ISA; no more volatile stock-market tracker fund.

What happens to your money?

Well, the important thing is: we don't need all of it. In the example above, Emma would only provides an upfront deposit of £250, and we wouldn't do anything with that but keep it safe until the end of Emma's investment. If Emma's investment makes money, we send the deposit back with her profit. If it loses money, we send the deposit back, less Emma's losses.

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